"I absolutely love our children’s portrait. It really captures who they are and is full of light and humour. It makes me smile every time I walk by and catch it’s eye!
Everyone who has seen it has been delighted and inspired – Katie has created a unique and treasured family heirloom for us."

Jennie Beaufoy

"Our experience of Katie’s commission piece was a joy from start to finish and we now have a stunning artwork which is a centrepiece in our home. She was up for any ideas we threw at her and we were even able to incorporate special fabrics from our wedding and link it to our existing colour scheme. It is an instant family heirloom which reflects this moment in our lives, rendered in a beautifully unique and fantastic way complete with crazy fabric flowers and a toadstool with a hidey hole compartment which emerge 3D from the picture.
Her enthusiasm for the process throughout made it great fun, from the initial ideas stage right through to the finished article. We’re grateful to have this personal piece of art on our wall and it draws frequent favourable comments from visitors. Hurrah!"

Joss, Josie and Poppy Peach

"Katie did an oil painting of our spaniels. She came to our house, hung out with the dogs and took loads of photos. Her painting of them is amazing : not only does it look like them but she seems to have caught their personalities on canvas too! Very happy with the results!!! Thank you!"

Jane Baldwin

"I love this painting so much and so do the kids. I wanted something vibrant and the colours are just perfect. Thank you for creating such a special piece of work xxx"

Jane Disney

"Thank you, Katie for our portrait in a sunflower! It hangs by our front door and makes us feel uplifted! Everyone who visits smiles when they see us there!"

Suzie and Jim Edwards

"We are so happy with our portrait. The kids look gorgeous and all the birds are stunning. The children love seeing themselves on canvas and we will spend many happy hours enjoying the detail. Thank you!!"

Sarah McLaughlin-Marlow

"Thank you Katie for the most wonderful portrait of our dogs. We are so thrilled with it! It captures their personalities and likeness to perfection and is so vibrant that they look as if they are going to jump right off the canvas and into the room! We couldn't have had a better portrait of them and want to thank you so much."

Caroline and David

"As Head of Drama at Hurspierpoint Prep School, I commissioned Katie to design for my prep school shows. Katie is a highly imaginative designer, who collaborates brilliantly and responds with sketches after creative meetings before launching into makes. Her ‘makes’ are often very bespoke, within a set budget and timescale. I cannot recommend her more highly for her professional, functional and transportable props. She is an excellent painter, creating scenic flats for a main production. It’s been a pleasure working with her."

Allie Hawley, Head of Drama, Hurstpierpoint Prep School

"Katie designed and made a series of appliqué hangings for our puppet theatre. The result was wonderful. The universal reaction of people when they walk into the space is, “WOW!”
Children love the details of animals and insects. Katie makes magical art and she is a joy to work with"

Andy Miller, WishWorks

"Katie’s portrait of our family is the most admired piece of artwork I have ever owned! We are all very happy that she captured not only our faces but our personalities too and made our wacky alter egos come to life. The process of planning the artwork was very enjoyable and the whole family including my young children were able to tell Katie how they would like to be seen.
Katie also weaved in other magical details – our favourite animals and our family dog, who she painted mid wag. In fact we were so impressed that we have commissioned Katie to paint an individual portrait of our dog, Molly."

Sally Miller

"Look at what arrived all the way from the UK to Australia!I am sooo beyond happy with how this commission from Katwish and Sicandotoo has turned out. It has every bit of my hippie – loving soul in it and still the real-ness of my partner and I in the stencil. Has been so easy to organise too just picked a photo I wanted, backdrop colour and that was it! The rest was all from the artists. Such a great experience, knowing it’s a one & only piece made around my own memory. Also the fact that it’s an actual physical painting..... rare to have in this digital world we live in. Looking forward to another commission very soon! Thank you!"

Melanie Hyun Edwards

Russell Beck: "My portrait – Painted by Katie Griffiths
I could quite easily wax lyrical on the numerous negative aspects of social media and in particular Facebook. However I will desist and instead highlight one of its positives - namely the ability to chart the creative evolution of one’s artistic friends. One such friend is Katie Griffiths. Watching her style and technique develop over the last few years has been interesting, enjoyable and exciting. Many of her creations have been portraits of her family and friends and all have radiated joy and, important to me, no trace of vanity. Important because when Katie suggested that she could paint my portrait a key factor in the decision making process was the avoidance of vanity and the necessity for humour. I believed Katie could achieve this and I accepted her offer.
Katie and I discussed the portrait and its possible character. The final composition was the result of an amalgam of many different ideas, sources and fantasies. The starting point was the vivid memory of a man I had seen forty years ago in Portugal. Seated at a tiny table outside a café, shaded from the summer sun by the café’s awning, dressed in a cool pastel coloured suit, sporting wrap around shades, legs crossed, smoking his cigarette, sipping his coffee. He looked cool and relaxed - meditating on the world as it passed by. I have always wanted to be that man in that moment.
Over the years I have come to imagine that he and I share many loves. Eating and drinking alone, small tables, common in France, Spain and Portugal, designed for the solo customers, espresso/café solo coffee, soft loose Turkish tobacco cigarettes, pastis and water and the meditative state induced by all of these combined. 
When travelling in Europe I constantly seek this blissful table. I have a collection of photographs of favourite table top tableaux of perfection. The cup and saucer with shining spoon, the accompanying narrow glass of water, the pair of sugar cubes wrapped in the domino printed paper, the condensation covered glass filled with the anise scented eau de nil liquid.
Katie asked if I would email to her as many photographic references of all these elements as I could muster. Cafes, coffee, Gauloises, pastis, tables etc. My collection of coffee and pastis photographs came in very handy. I enjoyed the process of collecting the references and emailing them made it all very easy.
Then came the sitting. Not weeks of immobile sessions but one jolly photoshoot at Katie’s house. Dressed in my suit I posed, imagining that I was seated on the fringe of some sunny town square in southern Europe whilst Katie’s lovely husband Simon snapped away. After the sitting Katie and I trawled through the photos to choose the preferred pose and then through the reference photos to decide on the props. All very easy and delightful.
Soon after the sitting day Katie started painting and at regular intervals she emailed me progress pictures for comment.
Eventually the painting was finished and of course, as is Katie’s way, there were some lovely surprises. A real cotton handkerchief in my breast pocket and the ubiquitous Spanish bougainvillea realised in padded and wired fabric.
Needless to say I love the portrait and enjoyed the process of its creation enormously."